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Withdrawing and Refunding Contributions

  • How do I withdraw funds?

    To withdraw funds:

    Log in to your FundSocially account

    1. Click on your event to go to your Event Hub
    2. Click Contributions underneath the main event information
    3. Once in Contributions, click WePay next to My Contributions
    4. You will be asked to sign up or log in to WePay
    5. Once logged in to WePay, you will be prompted to verify your information and add a bank account
    6. When adding your bank account, you will set the frequency for withdrawals. On average, it takes 3-5 business days for withdrawals to clear.

    You will be taken to a Confirmation screen and will receive an email confirming your withdrawal request.

    NOTE: You will receive an email when funds have successfully been transferred to your bank account.

  • When can I withdraw funds?

    Funds will be withdrawn automatically at the frequency that you set. You can revisit the WePay tab for an event at any time to modify these settings.

  • How do I give guests a refund?

    To give guests a refund of their contribution:

    1. Log in to your FundSocially account
    2. Click on your event to go to your Event Hub
    3. Click Contributions underneath the main event information
    4. Click View Details of the specific Contribution you’re refunding
    5. You’ll see a list of Contributions made to the fund. Find the guest requesting the refund and click on Refund
    6. A pop-up will show, confirming that you’re refunding the right amount to the right guest. Once you’re sure, click Yes, I want to issue the refund.

    The guest will receive an email confirming you issued the refund.

    Note: If you're trying to refund a cash contribution, or a credit card contribution that you've already withdrawn, you must handle the refund offline.

  • Can anyone withdraw funds?

    Only the Event host can withdraw funds from the Event.