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Viewing Lists, Polls, and Discussions

  • What are lists, polls, and discussions?

    Lists, polls, and discussions help make planning an event simpler for hosts and collaborators.

    Lists allow you to make to-do lists and check off completed items.

    Polls help you make collaborative decisions about certain aspects of your event, like food, drinks, and activities.

    Discussions is a forum where you can have an open conversation about any aspect of the event.

  • Why can’t I see lists, polls, or discussions?

    Only the host and collaborators can see lists, polls, and discussions. If you can’t see these features in your Event Hub, you are likely a Guest.

  • Can anyone see the lists, polls, and discussions I create?

    When you create a new list, poll, or discussion for an Event, the host and all collaborators for that specific event will be able to see it.

  • How do I know if someone added a new list, poll, or discussion?

    When a host or collaborator adds a new list, poll or discussion for a specific Event, the host and all collaborators get an email notification inviting them to participate.