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Transfer Events

  • What does it mean to Transfer Events?

    Transfer Events lets you transfer an event invitation from one email address to a different email address.

    For example, Jane invited you to her event, but she sent the invite to your work email address instead of your preferred email address associated with your FundSocially account. Instead of creating another FundSocially account, you can instead transfer the event to your preferred email address and access the event through your existing account.

    Note: You can only Transfer Events using email addresses you control. You cannot Transfer Events to someone else.

  • How do I transfer events to another email account?

    To transfer an event to another email account:

    1. Log in to FundSocially using your preferred email address
    2. Click your name in the top right corner and go to Transfer Event
    3. Enter the email address the event invite was originally sent to
    4. Enter the unique Event Registration Code, found on the original email invite
    5. Click Submit

    Once you click Submit, we check to make sure that the email address and event registration code you entered are correct. If it is, you’ll be taken back to your Events Dashboard, where you’ll see the Event automatically listed under Upcoming Events.