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Making and Cancelling a Contribution

  • Can I still make a contribution even if I’m not attending the event?

    Absolutely! All invited guests can still contribute to the fund, even if you’ve RSVPed no.

  • What payment options can I use to make a contribution?

    You can make a contribution with your credit and/or debit card. You can also give cash or check to the host, who can then apply that to the fund and indicate your payment under Contributions.

  • What is the Processing Fee for making a contribution?

    When you make a contribution, WePay charges a 2.9% fee + $0.30, and FundSocially receives a 5% service fee.

  • How do I count cash contributions toward the fund?

    If someone gave you cash for the event, you can still count that cash contribution towards the event fund.

    To apply cash contributions to an event fund:

    1. Log in to your FundSocially account
    2. Click on your event to go to your Event Hub
    3. Click Contributions underneath the main event information
    4. Once in Contributions, click Apply Cash Contribution
    5. Search for the name of the guest who gave you cash
    6. Select the guest’s name and click Next
    7. Enter the amount that your guest contributed for that specific fund and click Next
    8. Review the information and click Submit

  • I gave the host cash as my contribution. Does that count?

    Yes, cash contributions count towards the fund! The host can apply your cash contribution and the amount will reflect in the Contributions screen.

  • How long does it take for the host to receive my contribution?

    It takes 24 hours for the host to receive your contribution after you have made it.

  • Can I cancel a contribution after I’ve already made it?

    Yes, but you will need to contact the host to have them issue the refund. To get a full refund (excluding WePay’s processing fee), you must cancel within 60 days or less from the time you contributed. As long as you cancel within 60 days of the original contribution, your money will be refunded back to your credit/debit card.

    NOTE: If you want to cancel a contribution after the 60-day refund period, you should contact the host to request an offline refund. The same goes for cash contributions.

  • Can anyone see contributions I’ve made?

    Yes, all invited guests can see contributions that others have made to the Event. We do this so there is complete transparency into the funding, how it will be used, and also to keep everyone accountable for the Event.