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Inviting Guests to an Event

  • What’s the difference between a host, a collaborator, and a guest?

    When you create an event on FundSocially, each person will have one of three roles in the event: Host, Collaborator, and Guest.

    1. Host: The event host is the creator of the event. The host is the only one who can invite guests, edit event details, add an itinerary, create contribution requests, issue refunds, and withdraw funds from the event. The host can send and receive private messages, make a contribution, and add and view polls, lists, and discussions. There can only be one host per event.
    2. Collaborator: An event collaborator is the host’s partner in planning the event. A collaborator can add and view polls, lists, and discussions. In addition, they can send and receive private messages, and make contributions. There can be multiple collaborators per event. In fact, if you want every guest to help plan your event, you can make everyone a collaborator.
    3. Guest: The event guest(s) can view event details, send and receive private messages, and make contributions. Guests will not be able to view polls, lists, or discussions.

    The roles are defined by the event host and can be changed any time throughout the event-planning process.


  • Who can invite people to an event?

    Only the event host can invite others to an event. Please contact your event host if you’d like to have someone invited to an event.

  • How do I format the Guest List spreadsheet?

    The Guest List spreadsheet makes it simple to invite multiple guests all at once. Just download the pre-formatted template spreadsheet and complete the following columns:

    1. Email: Your guest’s preferred email address. The event invitation will be sent to this address.
    2. First Name: Your guest’s first name
    3. Last Name: Your guest’s last name

    Note: Only the email address is required to successfully invite your guest.

  • How do I invite guests?

    There are four different ways to invite guests, and you will find them all by clicking “Add Guests” under the “Guests” tab.  

    1. Your event link (recommended) - You can invite guests by sharing your unique event link. Just copy, paste, and share the link through social media, email, or text. Once guests click your link, they’ll be directed to your event invitation and prompted to login via Facebook or email to RSVP.
      Note: anyone with your event link can RSVP, so only post to public forums if it’s a public event.
    2. Facebook - You can connect with Facebook to invite friends who are already using FundSocially by choosing the Connect with Facebook option.
      Note: if your friends haven’t signed up yet, try using your event link. Share your link to a Facebook event or group message, and friends can login through Facebook or email.
    3. Email - Want to invite a few guests via email? Simply choose the email option to send individual email invitations.
    4. .CSV file - Organizing a large event, but want the personal feeling of a private email invite? Use a .CSV file to mass invite guests via email.