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Creating, Editing, and Deleting Contributions

  • How do I edit a Contribution Request I’ve already created?

    To edit a Contribution Request you’ve already created:

    1. Log in to your FundSocially account
    2. Click on your event to go to your Event Hub
    3. Click Contributions underneath the main event information
    4. Hover over the Contribution Request you want to edit. In the top right corner of that box, you’ll see 2 icons: a notepad with a pencil and a trash can. Click on the notepad with a pencil icon
    5. A pop-up will open, where you can edit the Contribution Request details
    6. Click Save

  • What does “Quantity I Need” and “Price Per Item” mean?

    When creating a contribution request for an exact amount, you will be asked to enter the following:

    1. Quantity I Need: The number of items you need
    2. Price Per Item: The price of each item

    For example, you create a Concert Fund, because you’re in charge of buying the tickets. You need to buy 10 concert tickets, with each ticket costing $50. Then the Quantity I Need is 10 and the Price Per Item is $50. This means that each guest must contribute at least $50 to the Concert Fund.

  • Who sees Contribution Requests I’ve created?

    All invited guests can see the Contribution Requests you create for that event.

  • Do people get notified when I add a new Contribution Request?

    Yes, when you add a new Contribution Request, all invited guests will get an email one day after you create the Contribution Request. The email will list the contribution requests you’ve just added, the amount you need, and a link to make a contribution.

  • What is WePay?

    FundSocially uses WePay to facilitate all transactions. WePay is a safe and secure platform that allows guests to contribute funds to an event, and hosts to collect and withdraw these funds. Our number one priority is ensuring that FundSocially is secure for users to send and receive funds. WePay is trusted by many other reputable multi-party payment platforms, such as GoFundMe and Meetup.