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  • How do I create a FundSocially account?

    If you don’t have a FundSocially account, you can sign up for one in just a few simple steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Fill out your name, email address, and password. Then click Sign Up

    Once you sign up, you’ll need to verify your email address. We’ll send you a follow-up email that has the link to verify. All you’ll need to do is click that verification link, then you’re all set!

  • I forgot my password. How can I access my account?

    Simply go to the Log In page and click Forgot your password? Enter your email address and click Send Password.

    We’ll send your email address a temporary password. Log in using the temporary password and reset your password in your Account Settings.

  • How do I change my account email address?

    To change email address associated with your account:

    1. Log in to FundSocially using the email address you initially signed up with
    2. Click your name in the top right corner and go to Account
    3. Change your email address and click Save Changes

    After you change your email address, you log in to FundSocially using the new email address.