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Easily organize get-togethers with the people who matter most to you.
FundSocially Event Hub

Create an event

Spread the word and get more people to your event.
  • Invite guests

    Invite as many guests as you like! Either share your custom Event Link (great for bulk invites!), or invite people via Facebook or email. Once invited, guests can log in and start contributing.

  • Manage RSVPs

  • Personalize your event

  • Create collaborators

Plan the details

Easy tools to help you organize your event by yourself or with others.
  • Message guests

    Contact any guest invited to the event. Send a one-to-one message to another guest, or start a group thread with multiple guests. You can even communicate in real time with our easy chat feature!

  • Discuss plans

  • Create polls

  • Make lists

Fund any amount

Send, receive, and manage money contributions for the event quickly and securely.
  • Collect funds for your event

    Instead of shouldering the entire cost of your event, pool funds together with guests. Create Contribution Requests that allow you and your guests to easily see how much has been raised, who has contributed, and what still needs to be funded. Hosts can withdraw any of the funds that have been raised any time before the event closes.

  • Manage contributions

  • Send contributions securely

Ready to create your next event?